Cundi ming dynasty gold

Ming China

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  • Dec 14, 1276

    Song Dynasty

    Coastal cities of china produced great industry and trade
  • Oct 25, 1368

    Mongols out of china

    Mongols out of china
    MIng taizu founder of the dynasty was a military man who had pushed out the mongols
  • Period: Oct 25, 1368 to

    Ming over china

  • Nov 9, 1368

    Hongwu Era

    Yuanzhang leads army to Beijing
  • Dec 14, 1368

    Emperor Taizu

    Emperor Taizu
    Established his capital
  • Period: Oct 28, 1403 to Oct 28, 1424

    Ming Chengzu was the thrid Emperor

  • Nov 9, 1404

    Scholarship Hanlin

    Hanlin Academy Was Established
  • Period: Oct 28, 1472 to Oct 28, 1528

    Wang Yangming

    Rewrote Confucianism in this period
  • Sep 11, 1500

    Portuguese arrived in the port cities of ming China

    Portuguese arrived in the port cities of ming China
  • Nov 9, 1530

    Mongol Problem

    Begins and continues to the end of the dynasty
  • Period: Nov 11, 1550 to

    Troubles With Japan

  • Period: Nov 11, 1573 to

    Tribute System

    From Hongwu to the wanli emperor. Ming set up a tribute system dominate power in easr asia. China sent envoys to Korea, Japan, Annam, Tibet and other southeast Asian countries inorder to assume its position as the largest and oldest Asian country
  • Period: Nov 11, 1573 to

    Wanli Reign

  • Wang Shizhen

    Wrote the Pharmacopeia which tell you need to know for medical
  • Period: to

    Donglin Party

  • Period: to

    Rise of the Rebellion

  • The Examination System

    3 Levels of Examination activity and generally allowing any man to advance of conrfucian
  • Eunuchs

    Became powerful,
  • Madre De Dios

    Madre De Dios
    British captured a protuguese Ship heading back from a trip