By averion
  • Jan 1, 1450

    Printing Press

    Printing Press
    Johannes Gutenberg
    – Germany in the 1450s
    – Invents movable type printing press
    – Printing press revolution
  • Period: to


  • Penny Press

    Steam powered press and growing literacy make high circulation newspaper viable by 1830s
    • 1828: election of Andrew Jackson sparks interest in the common man
    • 1833: New York Sun sparks penny press revolution
    – Cheap
    – Wide circulation
    – More advertising revenue and
    newspaper competition
    – Professional reporters and getting the news first
  • Magazines

    Godey’s Lady’s Book founded in 1830
    – Sara Josepha Hale becomes editor in 1837
    – Influences women and promotes a new way
    of living
    • Scientific America founded in 1845
    • Harper’s Monthly founded in 1850
    • Rise of visual culture
  • Telegraph

    Morse introduces telegraph in 1844
    – Associated Press formed 1849
    – Inverted pyramid style of news writing
    • Rise of factual reporting (objective)
  • 1880's

    Newspapers and magazines take advantage of
    – Increased advertising due to
    • Department stores (newspapers)
    • National distribution of brands (magazines)
    – Newspapers and yellow journalism
    • Development of newspaper chains
    – Magazines and muck racking
  • 20th Century

    Ladies Home Journal and Saturday Evening Post are the most
    popular magazines
    – Ladies Home Journal crusades for women’s right to vote
    – Saturday Evening Post is conservative
    Latt 20th Century
    Advertising shifts towards broadcasting
    – Cities loose competing newspapers
    – Newspaper chains become dominant
    • Shift of advertising to television forces magazines towards segmentation and literary
    • Tabloid newspapers develop in USA
  • Digesting

    Magazines develop digesting
    – Reader’s Digest 1922
    – Time 1923