Samuel sewall

The Diary of Samuel Sewall

  • 1

    Went to salem into the meeting house and came upon people being accused of witchcraft.
  • 2

    At 12 p.m. in Salem, Giles Cory was pressed to death with rocks for not confessing.
  • 3

    William Stoughton, John Hathorne, Cotton Mather, John Higginson, and my brother, all came to my house to talk about publishing some of the trials of the so-called witches.
  • 4

    I prayed to God to help me and pardon my sins. Also that He would bless the Assembly in their debates and that he would choose and assist the judges.
  • 5

    I gave Mr. Willard a copy of the bill I put up on fast day. Standing up as reading it and bowed when he finished in the afternoon.