Events in Quality of life: eating disorders

By rparwar
  • Eating disorders information

    The article was received on this date
  • (EEE-C) scores and studies

    Study include the Eating and Exercise Examination
    (EEE-C) QOL scores ,
  • EDI srudies

    Studies of Eating Disorder Inventory (EDI)
  • Study of EAT

    Eating and Attitudes Test (EAT)
  • Study of STAI

    Beck Depression Inventory
    State–Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI)
  • Study of SF-12

    General Health Survey (SF-12)
  • MSC and PSC

    Mental Summary Score (MSC) and Physical Summary Score (PSC).
  • editted article

    Article was edited
  • Researched disorders

    QOL ED scores for Eating disorder, Psychological, behavioural GLO BW EB ED PSY DL AMED
    and physical measures was measured and published
  • Scores ith EAT

    global score correlated the highest with the EAT
  • Methodology

    Quality of life methodology was introduced that helped with medical conditons, such as: cancer, diabetes,
    epilepsy and chronic liver and renal disease.
  • Quality of Life

    Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry article was introduced
  • EEE-C Research

    EEE-C, questionnaires were completed and the
    research was approved by the Human Ethics Committees, the Northside Clinic and the University of Sydney.
  • Patients with eating disorder

    Patients were inpatients in a specialized eating disorder unit at
    the Northside Clinic, Sydney.
  • Studies were done

    Diagnosis wasmade by a specialist, some experiments were done. Two groups of patients were studied.