Agriculture hand


  • World Zones

    parts of the worlds that were seperated from eachother
  • Period: to

    Compressed Timespan

  • Anmals byproducts

    We discovered different ways to use animal's byproducts, such as milk and menuer
  • Building Comunities

    Once the Ice Age was over, it was easier to build comunities and have crops grow because of the warmer, wetter weather
  • Technologies

    During this period, our technologies became more advanced than they had ever been during the Era of the Foragers
  • Animals

    We domesticated and becan using animals in ways that benifited us (such as drinking their milk, or using them to plow our feilds
  • Surplus

    There was a surplus of food, which created power for those who had it
  • Thinking

    The surplus gave some people the opertunity to do other things than farm, and so they began to think
  • Trade

    People who werent farming had other ocupations (such as making pots, or weapons) and so they traded their goods with the farmers for food
  • Power

    As the comunities got bigger and bigger, then we had to change who was in power
  • Diseases

    the large, unmoving comunities offered places for bacteria, viruses, and pests so grow, so diseases were more common in these comunities than in those that constantly moved
  • Power to only you

    SOME people, mostly those who had more money (or goods in this case), were the ones who got power over those who didnt
  • History

    People began to write and record their history