Newfoundland dog smoky

Thunder from the Sea

  • Seasick

    We meet Tom Cambell, a 13 year old boy trying to be a fisherman on a fishing boat off the coast of Newfoundland.
  • Meeting Fiona

    Meeting Fiona
    Tom, an orphan meets Fiona who is Enoch's wife. He hopes that he can stay but somehow he had a feeling this was once again only temporary.
  • Winter has struck

    Winter has struck
    Winter struck the land. It was cold and the lakes froze solid.
  • The Night Trek

    The Night Trek
    I had to get Fiona across the frozen lake. The only thing to do was to use the sled. Thunder came in handy as he was my best friend. Somehow he knew how important it was that we get to the other side.
  • What to do?

    What to do?
    The only way to get around was to ski. This was really important as Fiona was sick and needed the doctor.
  • Author's site

    Author's site
    Read more about this spine-chilling adventure novel.
  • Sounds in the Air

    Sounds in the Air
    The sound of wolves could be heard in the distance. Oh great! Now what! Just what I need.