East Timor 1990-2010

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  • Santa Cruz Masacre

    Santa Cruz Masacre
    The Santa Cruz Masacre was the shooting of freedom protesters inside the Santa Cruz Cemetery in 1991. The protesters were protesting the right for East Timor to be free from Indonesian rule. Indonesian soldiers then shot the protesters and followed the ones that ran into the ceratery and shot them too.
  • Xanana Gusmão capture

    Xanana Gusmão capture
    Xanana Gusmao was an important leader in East Timornese history. He was the first president of East Timor and is the forth and current Prime Minister of East Timor. in 1992, he was arrested by the Indonesians and given a life sentence for "disturbing the life of East Timorese". This sentence is later redused to 20 years.
  • 20th anniversary of the Indonesian invasion

    20th anniversary of the Indonesian invasion
    The 20th anniversary of the Indonesian invation was marked by 112 east timornese protesters. Thankfully none of them were shot. East timornese were still going to forign embasies to seek asylem.
  • Australia supports freedom

    Australia supports freedom
    The Australian senate demanded self-determination in East Timor and supported independence from Jakarta. Australia was reconising what was happening in East Timor and was tryng to help out
  • Carlos Belo wins Nobel Peace Prize

    Carlos Belo wins Nobel Peace Prize
    Carlos Belo was a Bishop in Dili, East timor Belo is described as an outspoken, and often fiery Roman Catholic bishop. he was aworded the Noble Peace Prize "for their work toward a just and peaceful solution to the conflict in East Timor"
  • President Suharto resigns

    President Suharto resigns
    East Timor was faceing major povery cused by the financial crisis. People wanted Suharto to step down. on the morning off may 20th, Suharto announced that he was resigning and was replaced by Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie.
  • Human right inspectors allowed inside east timor

    Human right inspectors allowed inside east timor
    Indonisia and the UN signed an agreement to allow human right inspectors inside East Timor. The Inspectors were sickened in what they saw
  • Gusmao moved to house arrest

    Gusmao moved to house arrest
    Gusmao was moved from Jakarta prison to house arrest. This shows that Indonesia are gettig ready to leave soon. Gusmao tells the Pro- Indopendence guerrillas to keep fighting
  • Indonesia allows East Timor to vote

    Indonesia allows East Timor to vote
    Indonesia signs an aggrement with East Timor to allow East Timornese to vote for there future. Indonesia is starting to lose its grip
  • East Timor popular consultation

    East Timor popular consultation
    In August, the UN supported a referendum that debated the topic: Should East Timor be free from Indonesian rule. Many proplr voted for indopendence. After the referendum, anti-independence Timorese militias killed around 1,400 East Timornese and forsed another 300,000 to flee to the west as refugees.
  • result of referendum

    result of referendum
    The tesult of the referendum from 1999 showed that 73% of the population wanted freedom. Violence erupts as anti-independence militia helped by the Indonesian military begin killing people. over 1000 people died. a quarter of the population flees to the west and martial law is enforsed
  • Australia peace-keeping forces come

    Australia peace-keeping forces come
    Australian peace-keeping forces arrive in East Timor to retain order. Eventully the fighting dies down. Many of the Milita flee to the west to avoid being captured
  • Gusmao released.

    Gusmao released.
    Gusmao was releasd from house arrest. He later on became the first presedent of East Timor and the forth prime minister.
  • UN evacuates staff

    UN evacuates staff
    The UN evacuates staff from East Timor because 3 refugee agency workers were murdered by Pro-Indonisia Mitilia. This is bad because East Timor needed the UN to stop all the conflict and fighting
  • Australia gets oil

    Australia gets oil
    Australia signs a memorandum of document stating that Australia canmine for oil and can use gas fields in Timor Sea under. East Timor would get 90% of revenues.
  • Fretilin party wins

    Fretilin party wins
    The Fretilin party was a non-indonesian party which stood for freedom. In the 2001 ellection they had majority of seats winning 55% of the votes
  • East Timor and Indonesia sign agreements

    East Timor and Indonesia sign agreements
    East Timor and Indonesia sign two agreements planned at makeing the relationship between the two contries better. Indonesia is starting to loose its grip.
  • Gusmao Wins election

    Gusmao Wins election
    Xanana Gusmao wins the East Timornese election. Finally East Timor will have a good leader. Indonesia should be scared now
  • Independence

    Finally, after over 400 years, East Timor is now Independent. There are celebrations on allover the contry. some of the people invited are Bill Clinton and Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri .
  • Australian journalists killed

    Australian journalists killed
    An Australian court ruled that the 5 Australian journalists that were killed in 1975 were delibratly killed. The court belives that the jurnalists were killed to cover up the Indonesian Invation.