Causes of the Civil War Saba

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    Causes of the Civil War

  • Slavery

    Slavery was when the people in the south had other people do all their work with no pay. The slave owners treated slaves like they weren't even humans. Then came Harriet Tubman a former slave who escaped slavery and went back to help other slaves. She helped more than one thousand slaves and is now honored for what she did.
  • Nat Turner's Rebellion

    Nat Turner's Rebellion
    The Nat Turner Rebellion was an insurrection that happened in Southampton, Virginia. Nat Turner told all of his followers to kill all the white people they encountered. They killed a total of fifty-seven whites. The followers killed the white people with hatchets, knives, axes and many more different kinds of weapons.
  • Comprimise of 1850

    Comprimise of 1850
    Henry Clay had came up with a new Comprimise. The Comprimise of 1850 meant that the North had to catch runaway slaves making their way to Canada. The North didn't like this idea because they didn't want to harm slaves making their way to freedom.
  • Dred Scott Decision

    Dred Scott Decision
    Cheif Justice Roger Taney declared that slaves could not claim their own freedom and this feared abolitionists. The North started to think that the North was intending to spread slavery all around the United States. Taney invoked the Fifth Amendment, claming that private property could not be taken from its owner without due process.
  • John Brown Rebellion

    John Brown Rebellion
    John Brown and his five sons and a group of loyal supporters first raided Harpers Ferry, Virgina. Later on Robert E. Lee attacked John's group. It turned up bad for John Brown because he was injured and two of his sons died.
  • Election of 1860

    Election of 1860
    The Election of 1860 was a big deal for the North and South. A northern candidate named Abraham Lincoln was elected president. The northern voters were beaming because they knew Abraham Lincoln wasn't going to let slavery spread.
  • Secession

    The Secession was when South Carolina left the United States to become its own country. Then more states followed SC leaving the U.S. This was terrible for the United States because all those states came together and became the Confederate States of America.