Canada During the Inter War Years

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  • Spanish Flu

    Spanish Flu
    Extra Info on Spanish FluThe spanish flu was first observed on March 4 of 1918. Spanish flu was a disease that weakened your immune system. Most people who had immune system problems would get the spanish flu. Spanish flu was discovered a few months before the end of World War 1. Not only Canada, but the whole world was effected by the Spanish flu. About 100 million people aorund the world had the spanish flu and at that time, there was no cure, therefore, many people died.
  • Winnipeg General Strike

    Winnipeg General Strike
    All About the Winnipeg Strike-Click hereOn this date, in Winnipeg, labour workers from around the country gathered for a strike. The workers formed a brach called the "One Big Union" which is now called Canadian Labour Congress. The strike was called because the workers thought they did not have enough rights according to all the work they did for the company. In the strike, workers demanded more rights. This was one of the biggest strikes in the history of Canada and also very influential on the people of the country.
  • Prohibition

    The start of ProhibitonProhibition in Canada was when the government had to Prohibit alcohol during the 1920's. This is because, the temperance movement, (an attempt to try to reduce the usage of alcohol), came into Canada. The Canadian Government then made new rules to reduce the usage of Alcohol. For example, they increased taxes on al alcohol prducts, restricting sales to minors, and etc. Their idea worked but some people would still buy and sell alcohol without following the rules, which was illegal.
  • Insulin

    Extra Info- Discovery Of InsulinFredrick Banting, a Canadian Doctor discovered insulin as a cure for Diabetes. Frederick discovered insulin in his bedroom in Ontario. He knew that many people had diabetes and there had to be a cure for this. Therefore he thought of insulin which cured diabetes. One way he got insulin was from animals like dogs, He would take insulin fomr these dogs and inject it into a human and cure diabetes.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    Chinese Exclusion Act
    Chinese Exclusion Act - More InfoThe chinese exclusion act, also called the chinese exclusion act was put in effect by the Canadian government in July 1st. This act stopped the chinese form immigrating into Canada. This act was made because the Canadian government was afraid that the Chinese immigrants would take over the jobs and opputunities of other Canadians after they had worked on the railways in Canada. After that, barley any Chinese people were allowed in the country.
  • RCAF

    More Info on RCAFCanada's Airforce from 1924-1968 was the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force). Before this, Canada's Air force was CAF (Canadian Air Force) which was set up in two squadrons by the British Air Ministry for the war. Unfortunatley, they were disbanded by Britian over the years and did not get to fly during the war. Therefore, CAF became responsible for only Canada's flying operations. "Royal" was added to CAF and on April 1st 1924, Canada's air force was officially the "Royal Canadian Air Force".
  • Person's Case

    Person's Case
    The Famous Five-Persons Case SummaryThe persons case was fought by 5 Canadian Women from Alberta because they wanted the same rights as men. Five women from Alberta, also known as "the famous five" took action and talked to the Canadian Government about this situation. First the women were rejected by the Canadian government. The famous five persuaded the Canadian government to appeal to the Judicial Committee of the British Privy Council, where they won their case. Women finally earned the right to be called "persons".
  • Black Tuesday

    Black Tuesday
    Black TuesdayThis is the date of the most famous stock market crash in history. This meant that the stock prices were very high and then the value of the stocks suddenly dropped.Because of this, everyone who had bought expensive stocks and had expected to sell them for a higher price, all went bankrupt becasue the price of the stocks that they had bought all dropped by 13%. This event led to the great depression which lasted from 1929 to 1939.
  • 5 Cent Speech

    5 Cent Speech
    5 Cent Speech- More InfpThe 5 Cent speech was delivered by Mackenzie King in Febuary of 1930. The speech was given in Canada and was meant for the people of Canada. The speech was to try to help the Canadians to fight their way through the stock market crash on black tuesday and also the Great depression. The speech talked about how the country will help the people of Canada get through the great depression. Unfortunatley, the 5 cent speech was the reason Mackenzie King lost the election.
  • R.B Bennett

    R.B Bennett
    Bennet's LifeR.B Bennett was the 11th Prime Minister or Canada. He was of the Conservative Party. He was elected as Prime Minister on August 7th 1930, over the former president, Mackenzie King. The Canadians thought Bennett would bring them out of the Great Depression. Bennett failed to do so because the "New Deal" that he had propsed could not be put into action and this is because he lost his position as the Prime Minister of Canada.
  • Statue of Westminister

    Statue of Westminister
    Extra Info on Statue of West MinisterThe Staute of Westminister was a law made by Britain which stated that the powers of Canada's Parliment and other dominions controlled by Britain, were granted full freedom and were no longer under the control of Britain but if countries wanted to stay under the control of Britain, they had the right to. This made Canada a independant nation and were not run by another nation, but only by their own laws. After the date of 11 December 1931, Canada was officially an independant nation.
  • New Deal

    New Deal
    Bennett's New DealBennett was elected to lead Canada through the great depression. Bennett' new deal stated that there would be a more progressive taxation system, a maximum work week, a minimum wage, closer regulation of working conditions, unemployment insurance, health and accident insurance. He hoped that this wiuld lead Canada through the great depression but, unfortunatley, he los the election before he could put his deal into action.
  • Prime Minister: Mackenzie King

    Prime Minister:  Mackenzie King
    The Life of Mackenzie KingWilliam Lyon Mackenzie King was a great political leader of his time. He was the 10th prime minister of Canada. Mackenzie King was elected as prime minister on in 1921 and served 3 terms as a prime minister. He wanted to make a change and have national unity. One of his main objectives was to maintain the country after the war. He wanted to heal the wounds that the war had caused on the the people of Canada. He made many changes in the country, which helped him complete his objective.
  • Canadian Broadcast Company (CBC)

    Canadian Broadcast Company (CBC)
    History of CBCCBC is the oldest broadcasting company in Canada. CBC broadcasts on Radio and Television. CBC only broadcasts in Canada. CBC gained their radio licenses in 1922 and CBC first got their radio liscences in 1922 and began broadcasting their show on the radios. They later on got the oppurtunity to broadcast on TV. CBC's purpose is to broadcast latest news and events through radios and TV.
  • SS St. Louis

    SS St. Louis
    More Info on the SS St. LouisOn this day, 937 men, women, and children boarded the SS St. Louis and were on their way to Canada hoping to find freedom. The SS St. Louis was a ship that was made to transport Jewis Refugees to countries where they would have freedom like Canada. When Canada was asked to let Jewish refugees into the country, they refused. Unfortunatley, the jewish refugees had to make their way back to europe. During that period of time, Canada only allowed a total of 5,000 Jewish Refugees into the country.
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