Isaac Newton

By nab1l
  • Isaac newton was born.

    Isaac newton was born.
    Isaac newton was born on January 4th 1643 in lincolnchire, England
  • Became a student.

    Isaac Newton became a student at Trinity collage in 1665
  • Invents calculus.

    Invents calculus.
    Isaac Newton invents calculus in 1668.
  • Renvintion of the telescope.

    Renvintion of the telescope.
    On 1668 Isacc Newton reinvents and builds the first refelcting teliscope. It was put to practical use.
  • Royal Society

    Royal Society
    In 1772 Isaac Newton was elected member of the Royal Society.
  • Deminstration be Newton

    in 1680 Isaac newton demonstrates that invers square law implies eleptical orbits.
  • 6 month time problem

    In 1697 Isaac Newton resaves Jean Bernoulli's 6 month time problem he finishes it that night befor he goes to bed.
  • Publishes opticks

    in 1704 Isaac Newton publishes optkiks witch contains the corpusclar theory of light and colour.
  • Getting knighted

    Getting knighted
    In 1705 Isaac Newton was knighted by Queen Anne of England at Trinity collage in Cambridge
  • R.I.P

    On March 31st 1727 Isaac Newton died in London