American Revolution

  • Declatory Act

    Parliament passes law same day after they repealed the stamp act. Parliament had right to tax and make decisions.
  • Taxes Without Representation.

    Parliament was taxing everything, because Britain was in dept after war. This made thhe colonists really mad.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    King George the third declaring that the Appalachian mountains was boundary for colonists, he did this to end the French indian War. Colonists angry
  • Sugar Act

    Parliament lowered taxes on molasses that was imported by colonists. They did this, because Britain was indebt this made the colonists mad.
  • Quartering Act.

    Parliament punishing and payment of army, because the army was neglecting to do their duty. Colonists were angry
  • Stamp Act

    Parliament put tax on all printed items, because Britain was still in debt and wanted power.
  • Townshend Act

    Set group of taxes on imported goods. They did this to make the colonists happy, however the colonists were outrage and boycotted British goods.
  • Boston Massacare

    It was a group of colonists protesting to British settlers, and then the soldiers were accused of murder, and the colonists used this as propoganda against the Britsh.
  • Tea Act

    Tea was to be shipped to colonies and sold cheap. This would make the East India Company would profit. This made the colonists extremely mad, because the colonists couldn't sell their tea and make money.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Sons of liberty disguised themselves as Native Americans and threw 342 chests of tea off British ships. This made the colonists very happy as they won a battle against the British.
  • 1st Continental Congress.

    SS delagates were an organization to represent colonists. They tried to reconstitute all things to gain back liberty from the British. Then the colonists formed militias to help the congress
  • Intolerable Acts

    Parliament closed all of Bostons harbors were closed until the colonist could pay back the tea. They did this, because of the Boston Tea Party.