History Of The Scientific Method

  • Oct 12, 800

    Early Method

    Muslim cemist introduces controlled experiments.
  • Oct 12, 1021

    Experimental method

    Muslim physisists develops an experimental method
  • Oct 12, 1025

    Method for mechanics

    Persian scientists develops a method for mechanics
  • Oct 12, 1025

    The Canon of Medicine

    Avicenna describes the method of agreement,it's critical in the Scientific Method
  • Oct 12, 1027

    The Book of Healing

    Avicenna criticizes the Aristotelian method of induction, replacing it with
    examination and experimentation.
  • Oct 12, 1403

    Yongle Encyclopedia

    First Encyclopedia is created
  • Francis Bacon

    Controlled Experiments by Francis Bacon
  • Microscope

    Microscope invented in Holland
  • Labratory

    First Dedicated Laboratory
  • Isaac Newton

    Hypothesis/Prediction by Isaac Newton
  • Treatise of Human Nature

    Problem of induction is unsolvable
  • Controlled Experiments

    Uses two identical populations with 1 variable
  • Polynomial Regression

    An optimal design for Polynomial Regression is formed
  • Blinded Tests

    Blinded tests become higly used in phycology
  • Multiple Hypotheses

    To assist designs of experiments, multiple hypotheses are used.
  • Polaceabo Trail

    First controlled placebo trail
  • Computer Stimulation

    First Computer Stimulation
  • Double Blind Tests

    First conducted Double Blind Experiment
  • Strong Inference

    Proposed idea of Strong Inference
  • Adam

    A robot scientist conducts experiments