I feel sick

  • Day 1

    vomitiing 10x for 2/7
    no diarrhoea
    temp 40
    ? viral, not keeping fluids down refer to ASS unit
  • 2m

    BMI 22
    Wt 67 kg
  • 6m

    DEC appetite
    feels full
    loin pain few days
    preg test -ve
    abdo S&NT
    lost 5kg over 3 months PLAN = bloods, CXR, Gaviscon, Rv in 2/52
  • 6m

    Bloods nil except neutrophils 8 (2-7.5)
  • 6m

    blds nil
    preg test nil
    still nausea (traces of blood)
    loin pain
    no dysuria
    no PV discharge
    abdo nil
    urine dip nil
    Wt 61 Kg PLAN = CXR, MSU, smear
    CXR, MSU, smear, repeat preg test, continue Gaviscon.
  • 7m

    CXR nil
    blood preg test nil
    blds nil
    lower abdo swelling
    breast tenderness
    PLAN = US pelvis
  • 7-8m

    phonecall to GP.
    baby inside 18-20weeks p.s it looks deformed
    (pps I dont usually do obs scans)
  • 8m

    21 weeks
    5m 1 wk
    nil abnormal
  • 8m

    PC: vomiting, not keeping fluids down.
    REfer to MAT.
  • 9m

    special baby pops out.
    normal delivery