144-146 Lower Clapton Road

By ewebber
  • Planning hearing and approval

  • Original planning application from Groveshire (2004/0412)

  • Clapton Pond Conservation area extended

  • Application to build Grove Court approved (now Alva/Shire Court)

  • Building completed

  • Residents move in

  • William Hill apply for change of use

    The application is not on the council website
  • William Hill application withdrawn

    Date approximate
  • Phone Mast removed - base station remaining

  • Mast basestation and hoardings removed

    Date approximate
  • Interested party reviewed the site as A1

  • B1 condition removed

  • First 2 Tesco Applications (as Lower Clapton LLP)

  • 5 further applications from Tesco Expresss

  • Planning hearing for 5 applications

    At Hackney Town Hall.
    4 applications were approved, 2 were deferred