Learning Journal

By lsimeon
  • First day of class

    First day of class
    I felt nervous about the first day and wondered what kind of professors I'd have. I also wondered if I could hack going back to school full-time after having worked for five years. What was I thinking?
  • Period: to

    Critical Learning Moments

  • First Presentation

    First Presentation
    First presentation in chemistry is over. The two minutes went by too quickly. I felt I'd hardly got started and then it was time to wrap up. I thought I did a good job but needed way more preparation. If I want to do well in this course, do I have to spend less time on other homework?
  • Cramming's not my style

    Cramming's not my style
    Results for second chemistry quiz are in. Cramming for tests definitely doesn't work for me. I didn't feel ready and spent too much time on the stuff I wasn't sure about instead of the stuff that I knew well.