Musica 80

80´ MUSIC; the music that we still remember as unique, with songs that today are heard in all stations.

  • Genre: Latin pop - Romantic Ballads

    Genre: Latin pop - Romantic Ballads
    Miguel Bosé was one of the singers of that time, it was released under the record label CBS Discos in 1980. The album of its first stage was a great achievement, which contained songs such as dying of love, I will love you and Don Diablo, which would place it at the top of the charts in many countries.
  • Genre: Disco-funk

    Genre: Disco-funk
    "Bailando" is a song performed by the Spanish group Alaska and the Pegamoides, included in their first studio album, Greatest Hits. The record company Hispavox published it in 1982. The song was composed because Disco music was one of the demands of the pegamoids against the discrediting campaigns of the most stale sectors of Rock.
  • Genre: Techno-pop (up-tempo)

    Genre: Techno-pop (up-tempo)
    "Barco a Venus" was the sixth single released by Mecano, released on April 16, 1983 on the B side, "This boy is a jewel." In addition, this song was also included in the second album of the Spanish group, under the title of ‘Where is the country of the fairies?’. In this album other songs appear, such as 'El lover de fuego' or 'La fiesta nacional', as the greatest hits of his professional career.
  • Genres: Funk, Disco

    Genres: Funk, Disco
    the song Thriller of the American artist Michael Jackson. This was the best-selling album of 1984. At 14 minutes, it was the longest video clip to date, then surpassed by another. 1996 video of Jackson himself, Ghosts (40 minutes). Thriller is often considered the greatest of all time and redefined the concept of video clips. The dance choreography, costumes, and music make Thriller look like a horror musical, featuring classic monsters of the genre, such as the werewolf and zombies.
  • Genre: Rock

    Genre: Rock
    David Bowie and Mick Jagger topped the UK singles charts with Dancing in The Street, a cover of Martha Reeves and The Vandellas.
    The song was recorded as part of the Live Aid charity initiative, and the plan was for both to sing simultaneously at the festival held in July of that year: Bowie at Wembley Stadium in London and Jagger at John F. Kennedy in Philadelphia.
  • Genres: Glam metal, hard rock, electronic rock and progressive rock

    Genres: Glam metal, hard rock, electronic rock and progressive rock
    «The Final Countdown» es una canción interpretada por el grupo sueco de hard rock Europe. Fue el primer sencillo de su álbum The Final Countdown. La canción ocupó la primera posición en las listas de popularidad de 25 países,5​ incluyendo el Reino Unido. En los Estados Unidos, alcanzó el número 8 en el Billboard Hot 100 y el 18 en el Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks.6​ «The Final Countdown» fue certificado como sencillo de oro en el Reino Unido en 1986
  • Genres: Rock and Roll, Chicano Rock, Tex-Mex, Cumbia, Salsa and Bolero

    Genres: Rock and Roll, Chicano Rock, Tex-Mex, Cumbia, Salsa and Bolero
    Los Lobos is a Chicano rock band made up of brothers. Due to its wide variety of styles, the band represents an example of American musical miscegenation, in its discography there are sounds with black, Latin American, Caribbean and Anglo-Saxon roots, and even echoes of Cajun music are perceived in certain songs. Although the predominant language of his discography is English, Spanish has a notable presence. They have even recorded songs in English and Spanish.
  • Genre: Pop

    Genre: Pop
    Chas! and I appear by your side »is the title of a song produced by the Spanish pop duo Álex and Christina. Simple and danceable theme # 1 that became the biggest hit. The song reached enormous popularity at that time and the lyrics of the chorus were etched in the collective memory of that generation.
    The song reached number one on the list produced by the radio station Los 40 Principales the week of August 6, 1988.
  • Genres: House, New beat, Hip house. Eurodance, Electronic

    Genres: House, New beat, Hip house. Eurodance, Electronic
    In 1989 the first single entitled Pump Up the Jam was published, a song that was a success and that sounded worldwide throughout 1989 and 1990. In countries like the United Kingdom it was number two in the sales charts. Although the vocalist was Manuela Kamosi from Zaire, for the cover of this single and for the playback of the music video they used the image of the model and dancer Felly, for this reason the single went on sale under the name Technotronic Featuring Felly.