Hairstyles 1900-2000

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  • 1900's Hairstyles

    1900's Hairstyles
    This decade saw hairstyles from more confined styles of the Victorian era to lose, fuller hair. Long and short styles were popular at the time.
  • 1910's Hairstyles

    1910's Hairstyles
    This decade had emphasis on long hair that was up in elaborate updos or was wavy and flowing.
  • 1920's Hairstyles

    1920's Hairstyles
    Very short styles caught on across America, and headbands became a popular accessory.
  • 1930's Hairstyles

    1930's Hairstyles
    During this decade hairstyles went from very conservative styles to wild-eyed trends of carefree days.
  • 1940's Hairstyles

    1940's Hairstyles
    The ‘40’s brought back the elegant waves in hairstyles and they were very elegant.
  • 1950's Hairstyles

    1950's Hairstyles
    The hairstyles during the 1950’s were youthful and flamboyant hairstyles.
  • 1960's Hairstyles

    1960's Hairstyles
    This stage in hair was a transition from big hair to glitzy hair. This stage had what we know now as hippie hair. The long free flowing carefree hair.
  • 1970's Hairstyles

    1970's Hairstyles
    Personal expression was the key to a great hair style in this decade. These looks went against society ,and were funky and popular.
  • 1980's Hairstyles

    1980's Hairstyles
    The ‘80’s were all about big hair. Rockers were big and everyone had huge long hair. There were also short hair as well.
  • 1990's Hairstyles

    1990's Hairstyles
    Hairstyles were still large during this decade but more sexy. Supermodels were big so women began to wear there hair more like they saw on the runways.
  • 2000's Hairstyles

    2000's Hairstyles
    The new millennium brought back many blast from the past including many short and long styles.