Ch. 6 by R.J. Dein in 3th per

  • nondum lucet, Cornelia surgit et per villam ambulat.

    It is not yet light, Cornelia gets up and walks around the country house.
  • adhuc dormiunt pater et mater et Marcus in villa.

    Still father, mother, and Marcus sleep in the country house.
  • omnes iam surgunt et laborare parant servi et ancillae, quod Cornelium et Aureliam timent.

    Everyone now gets up and the slaves and slave girls prepare to work, becouse they are scared of Cornelius and Aurelia.
  • Cornelia ancillam, nomine Syram, per villam observat

    Cornelia slave girl, by name Syra, observes through the country house.
  • multi servi mox strenue in agris laborant.

    Many slaves soon strenuously work in the fields.
  • pater surgit iam et petit servum, Davum, qui in horto est.

    Father gets up now and seeks the slave, Davus, who is in the garden.
  • ubi Cornelium audit, Davus statim surgit et laborare nunc parat quod eum pater observat.

    When Cornelius listens, Davus immediately gets up and now prepares to work because father watches.
  • Cornelia ancillas observat.

    Cornelia wtches over the slave girls.
  • ancillae villam purgant.

    The slave girls clean the house.
  • Aurelia est laetissima, ita vero.

    Aurelia is happy, yes.