Ch. 6 by Emily W. in 3rd Period

By edub
  • nondum lucet - servi laborant.

    there is not light yet - the slaves work.
  • nondum lucet, Cornelia surigt et per villam ambulant.

    There is not yet light, Cornelia gets up and walks through the country house.
  • adhuc dormiunt pater et mater et Marcus in villa.

    Mother, father, and Marucs are still sleeping i the county house.
  • Cornelia ancillam, nomine Syram, per villam observat.

    Cornelia slave-girl, named Syra, looks through the country house.
  • omnes iam surgunt et laborare parant servi et ancillae, quod Cornelium et Aureliam timent.

    Now everyone has gotten up and the salves and slave girls are able to be working, because Cornelia and Aurelia are afraid.
  • multi servi mox strenue in agris laborant. aquam e rvio portant servi.

    soon, many slaves are working strenuously in the fields. the slaves carry water from the river.
  • alteram ancillam, nomine Thressam, Cornelia observat.

    Cornelia observes another slave-girl, named Thressa.
  • cibum coquere parat Thressa, cotidie coquit.

    Thressa prepares and cooks food, she cooks every day.
  • nondum lucet - servi laborant.

    There is not yet light - the slaves are working.