U.S, History& Polio

  • Oct 17, 1580

    recorded evidence of a case go polio

  • existence of polio

  • jacob heine published a monograph

    symtom polio
  • discovery a viral disease.

  • Joans Salk was orn

  • iron Lung

    iron Lung
  • the medical community was studied about polio

  • contracted polio by presdent roosbelt

    contracted polio by presdent roosbelt
  • Warm Spring water for curing polio

    Warm Spring water for curing polio
    warm spring pool
  • Warm Spring Foundation

  • tried water for 20 monkeys and 3000 children

  • polio virus taken from monkeys

  • sending out batches in 1935

    to physicans to inoculate 12000 children but did not work
  • National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis

  • The March Dimes

  • the japanese bombed Pear Horbor

    the japanese bombed Pear Horbor
  • flu vaccines

    1942 ~ 1947 Salk worked under thomas francis on developing a flu vaccines
  • the most wholesome country history has ever seen

  • testing vaccine

    Joans Salk tested his vaccines with monkeis and some children
  • television took over in the US.

  • announced three viruses

  • polio conference in Copenhagen

  • test with lollipops

    He gave the lollipops to the one hundred inmates who participated on the test
  • his vaccine on forty five childrn at the D.T. Waston Home for Crippled children

  • worst year for polio

  • David Kangas got polio

    David Kangas got polio
  • skeptical polio victims wrer 58000

  • National Foundation in Hershey, Pennsylvania

    Salk reported his results at a meeting of polio
  • Time magazine

    welcomed the news abot Jonas's vaccine
  • Salk was in the CBS radio

    offered to go on the CBS network to address the nation and put things in starting with the history of the disease.
  • population in Ilinois was 5,320

  • set off in recent years by AIDS

  • commercials for general Electric by Ronald Reagan

  • olympic decathlon champion, Bob had rheumatic fever

    olympic decathlon champion, Bob had rheumatic fever
  • Anthony Eden became prime minister of Great Britain

  • Disneyland Open

  • Martin Luther King

    defending the right of Rosa Parks to sit in the shite section of a busin Montgomery, Alabama
  • three cadillacs

    Elvis had three Cadillacs
  • polio victims were 5,000

  • polio victims were 3,000

  • A large outback of polio in the USA

  • long term disablities from polio

    survey done of 806 people
    29 % could not feed
    31% could feed with assistive deviced
    83% could not get dressed by themselves
    32% could not write
    40% could not get from bed to wheelchair without help
    50% could not propel a wheelchair
  • the autobiographies of people who got polio

    Daniel J Wilson an associate professor of history at Muhlenberg Collegein pennsylvania