P.A. History

By ymcm13
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    P.A. History

  • P.A. Early Years

    P.A. Early Years
    Henry Hudosn explores the Hudson River. His ship was called the Half Moon.
  • William Penn Sr.

    William Penn Sr.
    English Admiral, he was a wealthly land owner in England. William was good friends with Chales the II (king of england.) Loans money from the King to fiance his wars in Europe.
  • William Penn Jr.

    William Penn Jr.
    Attends oxford university. Becomes a quaker at 23 and becomes a preacher. Faher disinherits him.
  • Pennsylvania

    Condition attched to PA from King, Collect taxes, can veto any law, Colony must be PA. Wants land name for Penn Sr.
  • Government

    Penn Forms nine men council/ 7 english, 2 swedes. Starts capital of Philedelphia city of brotherly love.
  • The Great Law

    The Great Law
    4 majors ideas of great law. No work on Sundays. Prisons became work houses, in England they were lockups. All religion welcome. Only murder and treason punishable b death