Battles of the South

By 301090
  • The Battle of Vincennes

    Lt. Colonel Clark set out with about 200 men from Virginia and arrived at Kaskaskia (Illinois) on the 4th of July. The local French militia leader at Fort Gage, the Chevalier Phillippe de Rocheblave, was caught by surprise and Fort Gage was captured without firing a shot. When the French learned that an Alliance with France had been signed in June, 1778, and that France had declared war on Great Britain, they were elated. This was a British victory.
  • The Battle of Vincennes

    This battle took place in Indiana. King George III's Proclamation of 1763 gave the Indians the land west Appalachian Mountains for their Hunting Grounds. The British used this to their advantage. Colonel Henry Hamilton of the British Army paid the Indians for any colonist scalps. This, of course, encouraged the Indians to attack the white colonists and at the same time protected the British because they did not want to lose the money they were receiving. This was an American victory.
  • The Battle of Savannah

    This took place in Savannah, Georgia. The British easily captured Savannah from the Americans.
  • The Battle of Charleston

    This battle was in Charleston, South Carolina. The Siege of Charleston was one of the major battles which took place towards the end of the American Revolutionary War, after the British began to shift their strategic focus towards fighting in the southern colonies. As a defeat, it was the biggest loss of troops suffered to the revolutionary army. This was a British victory.This battle did not end until May 12,1780.
  • The Battle of Camden

    This battle took place in South Carolina between Britishand Germans against the Americans. The British won.
  • The Battle of King's Mountain

    This battle took place in South Carolina and it was between loyalist Americans and patriot Americans. The American Revolutionaries won the battle.
  • The Battle of Cowpens

    This fight was on between the border of North and South Carolina. Fighting were the Americans against the British and loyalist Americans. Overwhelmingly the Americans won.
  • The Battle of Guilford Courthouse

    This battle took place in North Carolina between the 1,900 British and 4,400 Americans. They didn't acyually fight in a courthouse.The British won.
  • The Battle of Yorktown

    This battle took place in Virginia between the American and French against the British. There were 16,600 Americans and Frech against only 6,000 British. The Americans won. This battle lasted until October 19, 1781