Colonies Project, Katarina K, Bell #5

  • Virginia

    founded by The Virginia Company of London/ London Company
  • Massachusetts

    founded by the Massachusetts Bay Company
  • Maryland

    founded by Lord Baltimore
  • Rhode Island

    founded by Roger Williams
  • Connecticut

    founded by Thomas Hooker
  • New York

    originally New Netherlands, founded by the duke of york
  • New Jersy

    founded by Sir George Carteret and Lord John Bailey
  • New Hampshire

    founded by John Wheelwright
  • Pennsylvania

    founded by William Penn
  • Delaware

    founded by William Penn
  • North Carolina

    Colonists were unhappy that they werent protected enough from the Spanish so they became two seperate Royal Colonies
  • South Carolina

    colonists were unhappy that they weren't protected enough from the spanish so they became two seperate royal colonies
  • Georgia

    founded by James Oglethorpe