Colonies Project Sabrina Bulas Bell #6

By bulass
  • Virginia

    The House of Burgesses was developed and used in this colony.
  • Massachusetts

    People of the Massachusetts colony believed that hard work was the way to honor God. It was picky about which religions should be allowed to live there.
  • Maryland

    Maryland was a propieter colony, meaning that it was run and owned by a single person.
  • Rhode Island

    Founded by Roger Williams, this colony believed that the church and state should be kept apart.
  • Connecticut

    This colony expanded voting right to men outside of the church, and set up towns similar to those in England.
  • New York

    This colony had rich soil for farming.
  • New Jersey

    New Jersey promised large grants of land to settlers.
  • New Hampshire

    They had a representative government and was founded by John Wheelwright.
  • Pennsylvania

    This colony helped poor immagrints become rich.
  • Delaware

    Delaware had farming and shipping.
  • North Carolina

    It was ruled by governers appointed by the king.
  • South Carolina

    This colony was settled by people from the West Indies.
  • Georgia

    Founded by James Oglethorpe, this colony had strict rules like making slavery illegal.