Colonies Project Chris Duncan Bell 5

By duncan7
  • Virginia 1607

    Virginia was founded by the London Company.
  • Massachusetts, 1629

    Massachusetts was founded by the Massachusetts Bay company.
  • Maryland 1634

    Maryland was founded by Lord Baltimore.
  • Rhode Island 1636

    Rhode Island was founded by Roger Wiliams.
  • Connecticut 1636

    Connecticut was founded by Thomas Hooker.
  • Coralina 1660

    Carolina was founded by eight supporters of Charles II.
  • New York 1664

    New York was founded by the Duke of York.
  • New Jersey 1664

    New Jersey is arepresentitive assembly.
  • New Hampshire 1679

    New Hampshire was founded by John Wheelwright.
  • Pennsylvania 1681

    Pennsylvania was founded by Wiliam Penn.
  • Delaware 1701

    delaware was founded by Wiliam Penn as well.
  • North Carolina 1729

    Split from Carolina.
  • South Carolina 1729

    Was part of Carolina but split of.
  • Georgia 1733

    Georgia was founded by James Oglethrope.