Colony Project Katherine Arnold Bell #4

  • 1607 Jamestown, Virginia

    The first permanent settlement in North America.
  • 1629 Massachusetts

    This colony was very strict about the Puritan religion and asked/forced dissenters to leave.
  • 1634 Maryland

    This colony, founded by Lord Baltimore, was a propietory colony that grew tobacco.
  • 1636 Connecticut

    Founded by Thomas Hooker, this colony was the home of the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut.
  • 1633-36 Rhode Island

    This colony was founded by the tolerant, Quaker Roger Williams.
  • 1664 New York

    Founded by the Duke of York, New York, a propietor-ruled colony, had ethic and religious diversity.
  • 1664 New Jersey

    Freedom of religion and a reprentative assembly were provided here.
  • 1679 New Hampshire

    This colony contained towns similar to those in England and had a representative self government.
  • 1681 Pennsylvania

    This colony was founded by William Penn and was the home to several Quakers and the Frame of Government.
  • 1691 North Carolina

    This colony was settled by people from Virginia and allowed slavery.
  • 1701 Delaware

    Also founded by William Penn, this colony had an assembly and made its money from shipping and farming.
  • 1729 South Carolina

    Settled by people from the West Indies, this colony had religous tolerance, rice plantations, and a governor that was appointed by the king.
  • 1733 Georgia

    This was a place where slavery was banned and money was made from small farms that turned into a plantation filled colony with slaves.