PA Timeline

  • First Settlement

    First Settlement
    First settlement in America (James Town, VA 1607). Holland hires Henrey Hudson to explore Pennsylvania in 1609. HUdson dies in 1611
  • Period: to


  • Second Settlement

    Second Settlement
    The second settlement in America is in 1620 (Plymouth, MA) by Pilgrims. They came over by a boat named Mayflower.
  • PA

    Pennsylvaina was the Keystone sate of the colonies. It connects all the coloines. Thats how it gets its State nickname.
  • Manhattan

    Peter Minuit arrives in New Netherland and later buys Manhattan from the Native Americans for items worth approximately $24. He then names the island New Amsterdam.
  • PA

    As early as 1647 people from everywhere were settling in PA. Some were Swedish, Dutch, and English.
  • Pennslvaina

    Pennslvaina wasnt the first colony but it also wasn't the last. It played a Key role in the history of the United States.