Colonies Project Sam Sanders Bell 3

  • Jamestown

    The Virginia Company of London founded Jamestown in the State of Virginia.
  • Virginia

    Founded by 100 colonists from the Virginia Company of London.
  • Massachusetts

    Founded by the Massachusetts Bay Company
  • Maryland

    Founded by Lord Baltimore.
  • Connecticut

    Founded by Thomas Hooker. Had the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut.
  • Rhode Island

    Founded by Roger Williams. Believed that church and state should be kept apart
  • New York

    Founded by the Duke of York.
  • New Jersey

    Founded by Sir george Carteret & Lord John Berkely.
  • New Hampshire

    Founded by John Wheelwright. Had the Exeter Compact, based on the Mayflower Compact.
  • Pennsylvania

    Founded by William Penn.
  • North Carolina

    Founded by a group of Settlers from Virginia. They were religiously tolerant.
  • Delaware

    Founded by William Penn also. Had assembly representatives.
  • South Carolina

    Founded by Colonists that rebelled against proprietors from the West Indies. They had a govenor that was elected by the king.
  • Georgia

    Founded by James Oglethorpe. Had strict rules and no slavery, but had indentured servants.