P.A. is were its at

By ymcm13
  • Period: to

    First Settlers

  • First Settlers

    First Settlers
    Holland hired Hudson to explore Hudson River (1609)
    Discoverd P.A.
  • William Penn Sr.

    William Penn Sr.
    William Penn Sr. was a wealthy landowner in England
    He was good friends with King Charles the II
    Loans money to the king to finance his wars in Europe
  • William Penn jr.

    William Penn jr.
    Attended Oxford University becomes a quaker at 23 joins Quakers
    (society of friends) but imprisoned for religion father disinherits him Penn becomes friends with King Charles II causes him to release quakers from prison father relents puts him back in will
    Father dies King Charles owes money Penn jr. ask for land not money Charles II gives Penn Jr. P.A.
  • Founding of P.A.

    Founding of P.A.
    Conditions attached to P.A. from king
    -collect taxes
    -can veto any law
    -Colony must be P.A.(Penn wanted Sylvania or New Wales)
    Wants land named for Penn Sr.
  • New Government

    New Government
    Penn forms nine man council
    - 7 english 2 swedes
    - must be christian
    - starts capital- Philly- city of brotherly love
    Forms General assembly of land owners
    -land divided into three counties
    Our state government is still called General Assembly
  • The Great Law

    The Great Law
    -all religions welcome: only christians can hold office
    no work on Sundays (sabbath)
    Prisons became work houses ( in England they were lock ups)
    Only murder and treason punishable by death in England over 200 crimes punishable by death