Colonies Project Andrea Wright Bell 3

By aw7351
  • Jamestown, Virginia

    Founded by colonists sent by the London Company.
  • Massachusetts

    This colony had a representative self-government; the governor, John Winthrop allowed all male church members to vote.
  • Maryland

    This proprietary colony was founded by Lord Baltimore.
  • Rhode Island

    Rhode Island was founded by Roger Williams, a Puritan dissenter.
  • Connecticut

    This colony used the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut as a basis for their government.
  • New York

    Originally New Netherlands, this colony became New York when the Duke of York became proprietor.
  • New Jersey

    This colony was founded by Sir George Carteret and Lord John Berkely.
  • New Hampshire

    This colony was founded by John Wheelwright and had a representative self government.
  • Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn.
  • North Carolina

    This colony was founded by rebelling colonists who overthrew Carolina's proprietary rule.
  • South Carolina

    This colony was settled by English people moving from the West Indies; their economy was supported by large plantations worked on by slaves.
  • Delaware

    This colony was also founded by William Penn.
  • Georgia

    Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe. He did not allow slaves and had other strict rules.