Colonies In The New World

  • Jamestown

    House of Burgesses, Indentured Servants, Royal Colony, Founded by 100 settelers by the London Company.
  • Plymouth

    Later becomes part of the Massachusets colony. Self Government, Town meetings, hard work is the way to honor god, dissenters were forced to leave colony.
  • Maryland

    Elected assembly, Act of Tolerance, growing tobacco, slaves/indentured servant, always needed more land/workers.
  • Conneticut

    Fundemental Orders Of Conneticut
  • Rhode Island

    Belived church and state should be kept apart.
  • New Hampshire

    Represenative Self government, Mayflower Compact,
  • New York

    Was originally New Netherland, shipping and commerce, religous tolerance
  • New Jersey

    Represenative assembly, land grants, religous tolerance
  • South Carolina

    Became seprate royal colony, rules by governers appointed by the king
  • Pennsylvania

    Founded by William Penn, The frame of governemtn, long growing seasons, value hard work and thrift, place for quakers to worship.
  • North Carolina

    Colonists were unhappy, ruled by governers appointed by the king, grew and exported rice, neede many slaves, setteled by people from Virginia.
  • Deleware

    William Penn, represenative assembly, shipping and commerce, good for farming, religous tolerance.
  • Georgia

    James Oglethrope- oposed slavery, very strict rules, no plantations, small farms, great diversity, people get a fresh start. Royal Colony- Strict rules, Slavery was banned