13 Original Colonies

  • 1607, Jamestown Virginia

    The London Company founded this colony.
  • Plymouth, Massachussets

    People came to Plymouth on the Mayflower.
  • Massachussets Bay

    This became a "seed" colony.
  • Connecticut

    Extended voting rights to non-church members.
  • Maryland

    There were many religous conflicts.
  • Rhode Island

    Founded by Roger Williams.
  • New Hampshire and Maine

    Wanted their colonies to be like those of England.
  • New York and New Jersey

    Had rivers and waterways that helped trade.
  • South Carolina

    This colony ended up very wealthy.
  • Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania literaly means Penn's Woods.
  • North Carolina

    Had colonists from Virginia living there.
  • Delaware

    Granted its own assembly.
  • Georgia

    Wanted to help debters and the poor.