Timeline of government imposed water restrictions (Source: Melbourne Water)

  • First flow restrictions on rivers introduced

    Flow levels to dams a third of 1996 levels
  • Stage 1

    Combined water storages at just over half full
  • Stage 2

  • Water saving rules introduced

    These 5 permanent rules for water conservation replaced Stage 2 restrictions
  • Stage 3

    After the lowest flows on record during 2006, restrictions are increased to Stage 3
  • Stage 3a

    Stage 3a is introduced in April, in a bid to avoid to going to Stage 4
  • Target 155 campaign introduced

    Each person has a target of 155 litres per day to use. This campaign is running in conjunction with Stage 3a restrictions.
  • Stage 3

    Following the boost to the city's water catchments provided by the Sugarloaf pipline Stage 3a is scaled back to Stage 3,
  • Stage 2

    Stage 2 restrictions replace Stage 3 as a result of water storages rising back up to 40.4% as of the end of August.