The Founding of Pennsylvania

By mobeer
  • Discovering

    Henry Hudson was paid by Holland to sail along the Hudson River and explore the land.
  • Establishing Towns

    Establishing Towns
    Tinicum Island was made a permanent town at this time, along with many others.
  • Society of Friends

    Society of Friends
    The Society of Friends was founded which became the base of Quaker religion.
  • Charter of Pennsylvania

    Charter of Pennsylvania
    King Charles II signed the Charter of Pennsylvania and granted the land to William Penn Jr.
  • Delaware Counties

    Delaware Counties
    At this time, the Duke of York deeded to William Penn Jr., the three lower counties along the Delaware River.
  • The Making of the General Assembly

    The Making of the General Assembly
    The proprietor arrived on this day and shortly created the three original counties of Pennsylvania and called a General Assembly to Chester.
  • The Great Law

    The Great Law
    On this day, the Great Law of Pennsylvania was established. This outlined all laws for Pennsylvania and guaranteed the people liberty of conscience. Also with law, all religions were acceptable in every area.
  • The Second Assembly

    The Second Assembly
    The second assembly looked over, and amended the first frame of law with Penn's help. As a result, the second frame of law was created.
  • Quaker Foundations

    Quaker Foundations
    Foundations of the Quaker colony were set up around this time period, and were developing by Penn's return.