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founding of pennsylvania

  • Captain John Smith

    English Captain John Smith visited the Susquehannock Indians in Pennsylvania.
  • New Sweden

    New Sweden
    The New Sweden Company was chartered and established The Colony of New Sweden at Fort Christina, in what is today Wilmington, Delaware.
  • confirmation of pa.

    confirmation of pa.
    The founding of Pennsylvania, about 40,000 square miles, was confirmed to William Penn under the Great Seal on January 5, 1681.
  • Pennsylvania's name

    Pennsylvania's name
    King Charles II of England owed $80,000 to Admiral Sir William Penn. As payment for the debt, the king granted what is today Pennsylvania to the admiral’s son, also named William Penn. Penn named the territory New Wales. A Welsh member of England’s Privy Council objected, so Penn called it Sylvania (woods). The king changed the name to Pennsylvania, in honor of the admiral.
  • first constitution

    first constitution
    Pennsylvania's first constitution, the Frame of Government was drafted in April, 1682, providing for an upper house and lower house of the legislature.
  • Philadelphia

    The town of Philadelphia was located
  • set sail

    set sail
    William Penn set sail from England in August, 1682, with Captain Greenway, in the ship Welcome. The ship was filled with additional passengers, mostly Quakers, with good estates. They arrived at New Castle on October 27, 1682, the next day arriving at Philadelphia. Penn and his friends came up from Chester in an open boat and landed on the low and sandy beach at Dock Creek, it is believed. Penn at that time was 38 years of age
  • John Blackwell

    John Blackwell
    Penn returned to England in 1684, but shortly thereafter conflicts arose between the upper and lower houses. A deputy governor, Captain John Blackwell, was assigned, but shortly he resigned.
  • charter of priveleges

    charter of priveleges
    In 1696, after a tumultous time back in England, having been arrested several times for disloyalty, Penn returned to Pennsylvania and established the landmark Charter of Privileges