Pennsylvania History

  • First Settlement

    First Settlement
    Holland hires Hudson to explore for him. Founded the Hudson river.
  • William Penn Jr.

    William Penn Jr.
    Penn was born and later became a quaker at the age of 23.
  • Penn Sr. Dies

    Penn Sr. Dies
    Penn Sr. dies. King ows him money, so Penn Jr. gets Pennsylvania. (Penn's Woods)
  • Pennsylvania Founding

    Pennsylvania Founding
    In 1682, William Penn founded the state of PA. How he got this land? The king owed his father money, but his father died. So after he died, the king gave his son the land of Pennsylvania.
  • Forms New Government

    Forms New Government
    Penn made up a government of seven Eglish men and two Sweden men and you had to be a Christian.
  • South Counties Established

    South Counties Established
    PA was starting to boom Three southern counties were established but were allowed to split off into Delaware colonies.
  • Penn Jr.

    Penn Jr.
    William Penn Junior died.