pennsylvania man:)

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    pennsylvania man:)

    the history of the state of pennsylvania started at the first settlers; and ending with the orgins to a colony.
  • first settlement in America

    first settlement in America
    in Jamestown, Virginia.
  • the first explorer

    the first explorer
    henry hudson was sent from Holland to explore.
  • pilgrims

    Arrived at Plymouth, Massachussetts in the 1620s.
  • expedition

    the queen has peter minuit to lead the expedition in 1637 to the new land.
  • peter miniut (manhattan)

    peter miniut (manhattan)
    peter miniuit buys manhattan from the indians. for trinkets($24).
  • england and holland war

    england and holland war
    england defeats holland.
  • pennsylvania

    has remained part of the New Amsterdam colony til 1681.