Valerie hamilton 10

Valerie Hamilton Case

By tmc911
  • Last seen

    Last seen
    Valerie Grace Hamilton goes missing. She was last seen between 12:30 a.m - 1:30 a.m at 1228 Thomas Avenue. Valerie is a 23 year old girl with brown hair and hazel eyes. The number is given out to call Detective Martin or Crime Stoppers in case someone has seen Valerie.
  • Ms. Hamilton with someone

    Ms. Hamilton with someone
    At 11 a.m it was reported that Valerie was last seen at Thomas Street Tavern with a white male, around thirty years old. This male was said to be 5'10", did not have any tattos, and no tattoos. People are reminded to call Detective Martin or Crime Stoppers in case they know anything about where she is.
  • Recovery of Valerie Hamilton's body

    Recovery of Valerie Hamilton's body
    At 1.00 a.m police recovered Ms. Hamiltons body at the Mini-Storage Center on 4500 Monroe road. After finding her body, detectives sign warrants for Michael Neal HArvey for murder and auto theft. However, he is currently being searched for. The report gives the licence plate number, ZXE-1756, and the car, 1996 White Chevy Blazer. Everyone is reminded to call if anyone knows about Harvey's where abouts.
  • Michael Neal Harvey Found

    Michael Neal Harvey Found
    11:25 a.m
    - Michael Neal HArvey was arrested in Niagra Falls, New York. The Charlotte-Meck Police are going to New York to interview the suspect. The CMPD thanks the media and all law enforcment partners for helping with the case. However, the vehicle is still being looked for. 1:45 p.m
    - The Chevey Blazer was recovered in Niagra Falls, New York.
  • Results of Murder are in

    5:11 p.m
    - The results on Valerie Hamilton's body indicate that there are no physical traume. The detectives are still waiting for the results of toxicology and the sexual assult examination kit.
    - The video results came in that Ms. Hamilton left with Michael voluntarly.
    -Interviews determined there was drug usage. Medical attention was needed and everyone saw that.
    -Detectives believed that Michael moved Valeries body to conceal her death.
    - This case is still being investigated
  • Drugs Found

    Drugs Found
    -Drugs were found in Valerie Hamiltons body today.
    - Barton (Hamilton's close friend) said she talked to Hamilton the night she died and she wanted her to come hot tubing with him.
    -A friend of Harveys claimed that harvey panicked and hid the body in fear. although he has had the storage unit for two months
  • Searches of places

    Searches of places
    Hamiltons Apartment: Stun gun, white powder and straws
    Harveys Apartment: His roomate claimed he was acting wierd and started to clean and pack up to leave.