Patriots vs. Brits...In the North

  • Battles of Lexington and Concord

    At the battles of Lexington and Concord the British were on the move in attempts to reach Concord and get rid of the Patriot's stored weapons. However, the colonists were previously notified and were standing ready at their arrival. This marks the first Patriot victory.
  • Battle of Bunkerhill

    The Americans started off the battle with the control of two major hills, Breed and Bunker. The British were closing in though, and they were closing in strong. With General WIlliam Howe directing the front line, the British were not going to go home without the 'W'. Finally, lacking ammunition the Patriots had to take the loss and give up their stations. This battle wasn't a complete loss though, as the British took a serious hit with close to 1,100 casualties.
  • Battle of Brooklyn Heights

    George Washington led his armies to New York to act as defenders while still riding on the high of the British defeat. Here the British were the big men on campus and scared Washinton all the way to PA.
  • Battle of White Plains

    This was a continuation of the Long Island battle. General Howe led a strong fight as did Washington, but the Americans were not precise enough in their movements leading to yet another American loss
  • Battle of Trenton

    The American's had suffered a couple of tough blows in their last two battles and finally needed to step it up to save their reputation as well as their chances of ever coming first over England. So, with a little strategic planning, the Battle of Trenton came toThe Patriots snuck across the Delaware River late on the night of Christmas with full intentions to dominate. They succeeded with this as nearly all of the Hessian force was captured and only five Patriots lay dead.
  • Battle of Ticonderoga

    The Americans had control over the fort until the British decided they wanted it more. With no fight or argument the Patriot's withdrew silently, giving up a prized location and causing outrage in the colonies.
  • Batle of Bennington

    Aware of the German/British tendency to spread wide on the war front the Americans prepared by having troops waiting on both sides to leave with the 'W'.
  • Battle of Saratoga (1)

    The Americans started very strong picking off all British officials but after reaching the beef of their opponents were left retreating from the British leaving them with land along with casualties.
  • Battle of Saratoga (2)

    The British came back strong despite their losses and left with another victory. However, it was becoming tradition for British casualties to be loads higher than the American's.
  • Battle of Monmouth

    The Americans fought the British in disorderly conduct and ended up just backing down. The battle lazily continued and finally ended in a British victory but once again high casualities.