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war of the noth timeline

  • Period: to

    war of the north

    this was a period of time in the northern colonies that the colonists were unsure if they would be victorius in their atempts for a free country or not
  • battle of Lexing on and Conconcord

    the british had set out to gather weapons that were told to be in concord. the colonist had herd this and moved the weaponry prior to the 19th the 900 marching british soilders fought of the militia and they militia eventualy retreated but struck again in lexington
  • battle of bunker hill

    this is missleading because the battle actualy happend on breeds hill, well it was the battle that the americans were out numbered but were doing very well the stood through 2 british advances but fell at the 3 because of a lack of ammunition.
  • capture of montreal

    this all happend when the british were trying to haddle boston, but without british knowledge the continental congress formed and army and had them march to fort ticonderoga they had no trouble capturing the fort and moved tourds quebec wich was the britsh capital of canida
  • attack on quebec

    the men had come from all over from montreal to boston both generals benidict arnold and grneral montgomery. they had attemted oce before at the city but were unsuccesful they tried again but the snow storm had made there efrots useless greneral montgomery was killed and general arnold was injured . about half the troops were captured and the rest had to retreat to fort ticonderoga
  • british in new york

    the british were planing on invaideing and captureing new yourk city they were ordered to take the city by force and then continue north for reanforcements comeing from canida the attack was lonched a day before our indipendance
  • battle of long island

    in the end the british took controle of new york after several battles . the troops were ordered to retreat and were pushed into new jersey. the abericans never gained controle back from the britiah of newyork untill the end of the revolution
  • battle of white plains

    after the loss in new york washington set his attention to the white plains were he could recover from the defeat. the britsh then toom controle of the plains . were he missed the opritunity to finaly defeat the continental army but stood his ground and constucted weapons for his army washington was on the move north after yet another loss
  • battle of trenton

    right after christmas washing ton snuck across the delaware river from valley forge they took the british by suprise and were able to defeat them by 9:30 with vary few deaths they took 900 prisoners back to pennsylvania
  • battle of princeton

    washington contined north to princeton after his victory at trenton he continualy defeated british forces and forced british troops out of southern new jersey
  • battle of ticonderoga

    the once american fort ticonderoga had been captured by the briish when they pointed cannons at it from the mountians and the aericans evacuated without anything to do
  • siege of fort stanwix

    british and native american forces headed tourd fort stanwix were they attacked 800 milita soldiers that were comeing to reliev the fort. the british forces were becoming tired and with quick thinking gereral arnold lied and told the british that a large relife force was comeing thinking this was true the british fled
  • battle of brandywine

    washington prepaered his troops for battle but as caught of gaurd when the british snuck up on them in the fog, both sides had great losses and the brittish planned to march to philadelphia and on the 26th they did just that
  • battle of saratoga

    this is another missleading title it turns out this is 2 battles weeks from eachother. the first was the battle of freemans farm, general arnold held off the british but was hoping for reinforcements . int the battle of bemis hieghts . the ameriricans won this bttle with a counter attack that pushed the british from the feild
  • battle of monmouth

    washington was on the move following the british back to new york but was attacked around monmouth . washington had truble rallying his troops but in the end. more deaths were done by heat stroke than to shootings but the americans wone because the british lost more troops. this was the largest battle of the revolution