My Timeline-Patrick APUS

By juniped
  • Oct 12, 1492

    Columbus makes landfall

    Columbus makes landfall
    Columbus sailed west from Spain in an attempt to find a western route to the Indies. he landed in the Americas but unbeknownst to him he was not in the Indies as he believed. he found natives, gold and exotic objects. he set up a trading post and returned to Spain in 1504
  • Jun 30, 1520

    Aztecs attack Spanish.

    Aztecs attack Spanish.
    teh aztecs attacked the spanish because of thier lust for riches, however it was crushed by the Spanish and the aztecs were overthrown.
  • Sepratists settle in Plymoth bay

    Sepratists settle in Plymoth bay
    a group of settelers land outside the Virginia Company domain while fleeing religous persection.
  • Mayflower Compact

    The mayflower compact was one of the first written documents in America that set the basis for representative governments for the rest of the US throughout it's history.
  • Formation of Maryland

    maryland was founded by Lord Baltimore
  • marriage of jonh Rolfe and Pochontas

    marriage of jonh Rolfe and Pochontas
    John Rolfe and Pochohontas got married. thus ending the first Angle-Powhotan war
  • the New England Confederation

    4 colonies banded together to protect themselves from current and potential foes. it consisted of only Puritan Colonies
  • The Half-Way Covenant

    Puritan ministers were troubled and introduced the half-way covenent, which allowe for members of the church to admit to baptism but not full communion.
  • The Dutch lose New Amsterdam

    a large English squardon appeared near New netherlands and forced the Dutch to surrender thier ladns to the British who renamed it New York, after the Duke of York
  • new jersey

    this year lord John Berkelely sold West new jersey to William Penn and his quakers to set up a sanctuary before Pennsylvania was started.
  • March of the Paxton Boys

    The Scots-Irish led the armed march of the Paxton Boys in Philadelphia in 1764, they protested the Quaker policy towards Indians.
  • Capture of new mexico

    this year the Spnish conquer the area now know as New mexico
  • Pennsylvania

    William Penn recieved a large amount of land to be named Pennsylvania from King Chalres II because he owed his father a great debt.
  • Dominion of New England

    this was a union that was attempted to unite the New England colinies but failed.
  • Black rebellion

    A slave Rebellion in New York City cost the lives of 12 whites and led to the executino of 21 black slaves
  • King Georges War

    a war Between England, France and Spain. This was over power in Eurpope. it also set England up to become the sole power of Eurpoe.
  • The French and Indian War

    this war was fought in America, Europe, the West Indies, the Philippines, Africa and at sea. it was mainly between Britian, vs France and Spain. the French endeed up putting soo much effort in Euopre they had little troops to send to America.
  • Albany Congress

    this Congress met to unite the colonies but it was hated by colonists and the english, only 7 of 13 colonies showed up.
  • The Treaty of paris of 1763

    this treaty led to the evacuation of French power of North America
  • The Quartering Act

    this act passed by Parliment and required some colonies to provide food and shelter to British Troops.
  • the molassas Act

    Parliment passed his act in hopes to crush North American trade with the French, this led to colonists smuggeling.
  • First Continental Congress

    The first continental congress was called to discuss Americas relation with Britain. they first tried to soothe relations between both countries but in the end the wrote the decleration of Independence and broke free from England
  • Lexington and Concord

    Lexington and Concord
    The British marched toward Concord with orders to capture and empty a colonial armory. they were met with resistance in lexington by minutemen. in Concord the militia turned the British back towards Boston, the British Soldiers were heckled by colonists the entire way back.
  • Decleration of Independence

    The document which delcared that the US was a free and indepentendent country from britain. signed by the foundeing fathers written mostly by Thomas Jefferson. discussed natural rights and listed many greviences by the colonists aganist england.
  • Letter to Virginia

    George Washington wrote a letter to Virginia that caused them to ratify the contitution.
  • Kings Mountain

    this was a major patriot victory, it was also the turning point of the war in the south. Greene was a hero in this battle.
  • Articles become official

    the articles of confederation was ratified on this day. it had been proposed a couple years before but took this long to get completly ratified. Maryland was the last to sign due to differing ideas on western lands.
  • General Cornwallis surrender

    on this day, the Americans secured victory in the American Revolution. With Washington on land and the French at sea, the British General was forced to surrender at Yorktown.
  • Treaty of Paris

    the treaty of paris was signed between the Americans and the British. this ended the revoltionary war and recognized the US as a free country. the British promised to leave their northern forts in canada but went back on this promise later on.
  • the Constitution

    the Constitution
    this was the day that the consitution was ratified by all of the states. it is one of the most important documents in American history.