History of Communication Research

By comm200
  • Sirt Walter Raleigh-- earliest evidence of Public Relations

  • "Buffalo Bill" Cody most publicized showman of the late 1880s

  • Period: to

    Rise of Sociology in the Chicago School

  • Intercolleigate Debate

  • Period: to

    Founding of Intercollegiate Debate, Boston

  • Period: to

    Era of Preparations

    How a member of an organization fits into the organization
  • Journalist Ivy Lee founded the first PR Firm, considered the father of PR

  • Edward Barnays created a campaign persuading women and tobacco.

  • Payne Fund studies the results of movies on children.

  • Period: to

    Ludwig Von Bertalanffy

    Orginated the idea of systems theory
  • Edward Bernays teaches first course in Public Relations

  • Publication of Walter Lippman's book Public Opinion

  • Edward Bernays taught the first course on PR at NYU

  • Radio promo effectiveness proven by Nazi propaganda

  • Period: to

    The era of identification

    How causes and effects of behavior affected the organiztion itself
  • The Triangle of Meaning

  • Institution of Communication Research Founded at the University Illinois

  • Lasswell Model for Communication (Included a Channel) Expanded upon by Gerber

  • Shannon and Weaver's Information Theory

  • Frankfurt School wrote book on how Capitalism influences prejudice.

  • Society for general systems research founded

  • Period: to

    McGregor's theorys X and Y

    about how employees work
  • Newcomb Symmetry Model

  • Schwams Model is released

  • Schwamm's Model is Released

  • Gerber expands Lasswell Model to include context and situation

  • Bernard Bellson sees the Communication field as dying

  • Period: to

    Mass Comm: Rise of Limited Effects Perspective

  • Period: to

    The Vietnam War years marked a shift in the use and need for PR

  • Organizational Comm: Systems Research article by Rapoport & Horvath

  • Period: to

    the era of maturity

    How it changes the work place
  • Product tampering crises of Tylenol and Girl Scout cookies in Chicago

  • Period: to

    Continuous growth for need of PR; corporations est. PR depts. within organizations, PR courses offered in Communication depts.

  • Postman discusses print v. video

  • Sam Weisgarber was born

  • Period: to

    Forming of PRSA

  • Kotter and Heskett

    In corporate culture and performance they point out the more visible parts of culture such groups in individual behaviors are easier to change
  • Meyrowtiz Medium Theory

  • first day of the year

  • today