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ContainerPort Group History

By shuderl
  • 1971

    Operations begin under the name Rail Container Services, a subsidiary of World Shipping, Inc. A comprehensive intermodal and cargo transportation service company is born.
  • 1972

    Rail Container Services becomes intermodal ramp contractor for the Norfolk & Western (now NS) railroad in Cleveland. As operators of the N&W rail ramp, RCS is able to provide quick turnaround and ample storage to customers requesting inland intermodal rail and terminal services.
  • 1973

    Sister company Midwest Container Services begins operations. Complete inland intermodal services are offered to customers moving containers into the Midwest and interior.
  • 1975

    Expansion of Midwest Container Services continues as a terminal is opened in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • 1978

    Midwest Container Services opens a Baltimore terminal, providing a unique link between East Coast ports and Midwest customers.
  • 1980

    Rail Container Services opens facilities in Chicago and Columbus, strengthening its strategic Midwest intermodal network.
  • 1981

    Rail Container Services opens Cincinnati and St. Louis facilities. This expansion gives the network its Western border and provides a near seamless link across the country.
  • 1982

    Midwest Container Services opens a Columbus terminal, providing additional Ohio Valley presence.
  • 1984

    Midwest Container Services opens a facility in St. Louis, strengthening the Western edge of the network.
  • 1986

    As the future of the intermodal industry and the future of containerization becomes clearer, the operations of Rail Container Services and Midwest Container Services merge to form ContainerPort Group, Inc. -- providing customers a single, recognizable name in quality and complete intermodal service.
  • 1990

    ContainerPort Group opens a terminal in Louisville to provide increased service in the Midwest; additionally, a terminal is opened in the New York/New Jersey port complex to provide an important link to one of the world’s busiest ports.
  • 1991

    ContainerPort Group launches an Over-the-Road trucking division which provides long haul intermodal trucking services to customers seeking an alternative to inland rail.
  • 1993

    ContainerPort Group expands its network by acquiring Hamilton Trucking, providing easy access to another East Coast port and a Canadian gateway through offices in Norfolk and Rochester. Also this year, Intermodal Container Logistics, a global logistics management company, is formed, specializing in land and sea container logistics and supply chain management.
  • 1994

    ContainerPort Group expands its Midwest presence by opening a terminal in Indianapolis; this provides a much-needed “spoke” to both the Chicago and Cincinnati facilities.
  • 1996

    ContainerPort Group opens a facility in Detroit which provides yet another Canadian gateway and serves to meet the demand of customers requiring intermodal services in the “Motor City.”
  • 1997

    ContainerPort Group significantly increases its market share through the acquisition of Reserve International and Reserve Distribution.
  • 2000

    ContainerPort Group opens Chicago depot, further enhancing its presence in the Windy City.
  • 2001

    ContainerPort Group is awarded the Norfolk Southern Louisville ramp, further strengthening its presence in the Louisville marketplace.
  • 2005

    ContainerPort Group acquires BC Transportation which includes terminals in Newark, Buffalo, Baltimore, Norfolk, Cleveland and Columbus; this merger ensures even greater capacity and a broader service menu to meet the industry’s growing requirements for reliable motor carrier services. CPG opens a Philadelphia office, further complementing the company’s Northeast presence; CPG is awarded the Norfolk Southern Cincinnati ramp; and opens new Norfolk Southern Sharon OH ramp which further expands its
  • 2006

    ContainerPort Group is awarded the Norfolk Southern Appliance Park (Louisville) ramp which greatly enhanced the overall turn time and efficiency of the entire operation. With the addition of Appliance Park, the high volume of trucks is easily accommodated.
  • 2007

    ContainerPort Group becomes the leading provider of public warehousing, cargo distribution, special handling and customized logistics serving the Port of Norfolk and Mid-Atlantic region by acquiring Norfolk Warehouse Distribution Centers; CPG is awarded the CSX Cleveland ramp.
  • 2010

    ContainerPort Group is awarded the Norfolk Southern ramp in Greensboro, NC. ContainerPort Group expands its local, regional and over-the-road motor carrier services specializing in intermodal domestic container cargo market by acquiring Stack Container Services, Inc. headquartered in Euclid Ohio