unit 2: revolution

  • Boston Massacre

    was the british and some civilians fighting on the street like an inside war in a small town knida any way the british started to kill men the total civilains who lost thier life was 5 men total nd then a guy made a portrait of whta he saw and mailed to people all over
  • Boston Tea Party

    the people who didnt like the british o theier taxing some of them made a plan and went on boats nd thtrew over barels of tea nd never drank tht brand of tea agin
  • Battle of Lexington & Concord

    this wasnt origanlly a war it strted lout in openm arm just plain hatin on people and then as it got wrse it utrned in to a war
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    took place when the some clonial people found out the british were planning on sending out some troops to give some other troop some back up in another war some people thought it is unfair to ask for back up
  • The new york battle

    the birtstsh troops had finally mad it to land and with in a couple of weeks had made gotton a bigger grp of epople in that trime our first president george bush was getting men ready for a batle
  • Declaration of Independence Signing

    it waqs the finale of all the men who signed off our independce paper tht we use to today to help us make our laws nd so much more it mrked amercas freedom
  • Battle of Trenton

    aftr crossing the deleware washington was making his way through to trenton for a battle of war
  • Battle of Princeton

    mr george washinton won a battle with the british close to princeton and so they called it the batttle of princeton becase of that
  • Battle of Saratoga

    finished of whatever was going on with a british general and sealed his fate
  • Valley Forge

    a guy named baron offered his military trainging to help people with camps of army traingning for when thier older
  • Battle of Yorktown

    as an end of confilict tihis like either helped end it or did end it the revolutionary war cuz this york town btalle was won bye georg washtington
  • Treaty of Paris (the one that ended the Revolutionary War)

    this was marking the end of revolutionary war for independence sigend by a cenfedration a congergates it markd the end of tht war