my race

By ejw
  • happy b-day

    I was born In the summer time in 1998. My mom took me in her hands. I was not crying at all.
  • Brother Time

    My brother Trevor was born. I was one year old.
  • Just 4 kids

    I went to preschool in 2001 at Just 4 kids.
  • Tennessee

    I went to Tennessee. I met two new friends, Hunter and Logan Brown. They are brothers and they live next door to my Nana and Papa Joe. We played ghost in the graveyard and hide and seek using a base. I had alot of fun.
  • Florida

    I went to Florida in 2007. My favorite park is MGM since I love the roller coaster by Aerosmith. It is super loud and super fast. I like to ride it with my mom.
  • Baseball

    I played baseball on a team called the Rockies.
  • Papa Al

    Papa Al
    My papa Al died in the summer. I miss him very much. He always made me laugh. I love you Papa.

    I was in a car accident.
  • Park!!!!!!!!!!!

    I went to the park and ripped my leg this year. I went to DQ. I rode to the park. I went up the hill. I went down the hill and hit the jump then somehow I went to the side. I scraped my leg and blood started pouring out. Sometimes I still feel the pain from that injury.
  • Parker's Game

    Parker's Game
    I went to the Packer game this year.