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History of The New Orleans Saints

  • '68 and '69 Seasons

    The Saints had the best expansion record at 12-29-1
  • The Kick

    The Kick
    The Kick<br>
    The highlight of the 1970 season was Tom Dempsey's last second, 64 yard field goal to the win the game over the lions. This would forever be known as "The Kick"
  • Archie Manning

    Archie Manning
    The Famous Archie Manning becomes the new quarterback. He played for 11 years as a Saint and his name is legend in the Saints History. For his entire career he completed 2,011 of 3,642 passes for 23,911 yards and 125 touchdowns, with 173 interceptions.
  • The First Shutout

    The defense had it's first shutout of the franchise against O.J. Simpson and the Buffalo Bills.
  • Louisiana Superdome Opens

    Louisiana Superdome Opens
    The Saints spent their first years as a franchise playing at Tulane Stadium. The Louisiana Superdome was built as one of the largest indoor stadiums in the NFL
  • Man of the Year

    Man of the Year
    Archie Manning was named NFL Man-of-the-Year. He racked up over 3400 yards and completed 62% of his passes.
  • BYOB

    BYOB-Bring Your Own Bag. The Saint's, re-named the AINTS, went 1-15 this seson.
  • For Sale

    The owner of the Saints placed the franchise up for sale for $76 Million. Non-Negotiable.
  • Finally...A playoff game

    The Saints finally make a playoff game. There record was 12-3 and one playoff loss. Under the Mora Era the Dome Patrol Defense was formed
  • Consecutives

    The Saints had 3 consecutive winning seasons
  • Western Division Championship

    The Saints had 11-5 season and shared the Western Division Championship with two other teams
  • The Ditka Era

    The Ditka Era
    The Famous Mike Ditka becomes the Saints new coach. He brought promise to the WHO DAT nation, but, ultimately couldn't succeed.
  • Playoff Win

    The saints finally win a playoff game under coach Jim Haslett
  • The Deuce

    The Deuce
    The Saints drafted Deuce McAlister who became a prominent figure in the WHO DAT nation. He played college ball at Ole Miss. Sean Payton said,"Deuce McAllister has always embodied the spirit of the New Orleans Saints and the city of New Orleans." He retired from the Saints in 2009 and holding the career rushing yards record and touchdown record.
  • Katrina Hits

    Katrina Hits
    Hurricane Katrina<br>
    Hurricane Katrina barrelled through the gulf coast. It caused catastrophic damage to New Orleans and surrounding cities. The Saints had to relocate to Dallas/Baton Rouge while the Superdome was being used to shelter for New Orleans. This would lead to the Rebirth of New Orleans in 2006.
  • Sean Payton/Drew Brees Era

    Sean Payton/Drew Brees Era
    Back Home<br>
    The Rebirth of New Orleans under Sean Payton, Drew Brees and Reggie Bush, among others. When they returned to the superdome after Katrina, people say the first touchdown they scored, which came off of a blocked punt, that the superdome had never been so loud. The announcers for the game were even silent.
  • The Time Has Come

    The Time Has Come
    The 2009 Season is a historic season for the Saints! They finally won the National Championship! Led by Drew Brees, Bush, Colsten, Shockey, Porter and of course Coach Sean Payton. After years and years of dissapointment and almost there's, the 2009-2010 season gave us what we have wished and hoped for. The city of New Orleans and the WHO DAT Nation finally got the win they needed/wanted!
  • NFC Championship Game 2009-2010

    NFC Championship Game 2009-2010
    NFC Championship Game<br>
    The Saints defeated Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings in Overtime thanks to Hartley's game winning field goal! The Saints are headed to the Superbowl!
  • Superbowl XLIV

    Superbowl XLIV
    Super Bowl<br>
    One gutsy on-side kick and one split second sealed the deal for the Saints. An interception, thrown by the one and only Peyton Manning, allowed the Saints to have a victory like no other. The Saints finally win. The WHO DAT nation gets what they deserve. A true revival and rebirth of the City of New Orleans brought to us by The Saints and the people who believed.
  • The Soul of New Orleans

    The Soul of New Orleans
    <a href='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFv__vCOJio' ><br>
    The Soul of New Orleans</a>You don't have to be from New Orleans to be Saints fan. They are the Soul of New Orleans. Whether you have been to Bourbon Street or shopped at the French Quarter or eaten at Cafe Dumonde, you know the power of the Saints. They have the greatest fans in the world. The Saints brought faith back to New Orleans. For that I will forever love the Saints.