My Life Cycle

  • Walking

    I could walk at the age of ten months.
  • I moved

    My family moved to Illinois.
  • I can ride a bike

    I can ride a bike
    I started riding a two wheeler, and I was three years old!
  • Broke Collar Bone

    Broke Collar Bone
    I broke my collar bone while playing football.
  • Cut Hand

    Cut Hand
    I cut my hand on Christmas morning using a knife to open a present. I had to get stitches.
  • Green Bay

    We moved to green bay.
  • Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia
    My dad moved to Saudi Arabia to help build hospitals.
  • went to Saudi Arabia

    In July & August of 2008, I went to Saudi Arabia for a mouth.
  • Football

    I started playing football for PACE.
  • Dog

    I got a teddy bear dog named Buttercup.