Technology Then and Now

By meljosh
  • St. Louis Museum

    This Museum distributed films, study prints, and charts for knowledge in techology.
  • First Instructional film was used in classrooms.

    A few public schools in Rochester, NY, are the first to use films for classroom instruction.
  • Thomas Edison releases films.

    Thomas Edison makes a series of historical films about the American Revolution. He was the first film producer for educational film.
  • Classroom broadcasting on radio.

    The US DEpartment od Commerce licensses educational stations.
  • Teachers must take a visual instruction course.

    Pennsylvania makes a law requiring teachers take a course in visual instruction.
  • First Computar used for instruction

    trained MTI pilots
  • First computar used with school children

    In NYC, IBM computars were used in teaching.
  • University time-sharing systems

    Students and faculty used computars around the world for programming.
  • First computar game.

    A young computer programmer from MIT, Steve Russell created the first computer game'Spacewar."
  • The computar mouse is invented.

    Douglas Engelbart of Stanford Research Center invented this gadget. He named is a mouse because it had a tail coming out of it.
  • CAI Movement

    Computar-Assisted Instruction movement emerges and schools were funded to use minicomputars.
  • Mainframe and minicomputars application dominate field

    PLATO revolutionizes instruction, led under President William Norris.
  • First minicomputar enters schools.

    Teachers gain back control of instruction and administration using desktop systems.
  • CAI Movement declines; computar literacy movement begins.

    Non-computar students will be educationally disadvantaged, argues Arthur Luehmann.
  • Minicomputar applications spawn movements

    The focus is on software publishing intiative and teacher authoring software. Computars are teachers' tools.
  • Intergrated learning systems emerge

    Schools begin to realize networked systems are cost-effective solutions to learning and meeting standards.
  • WWW is born

    World Wide Web (WWW) is born and teachers enter the 'information superhighway".
  • International Society for Technology in Education creates standards

    ISTE sponsors create NETS ( National Educational Technology Standards to guide students and teachers in sjills.
  • Internet use explodes

    Online usage increases.
  • ISTE

    International Society for Teaching in Education issues new, updated standards for teachers and administrators.