French and indian war

  • Oct 11, 1492

    Columbus "discovered"America

    Columbus "discovered"America
    Christopher Colubus led his three ships nina,pinta,and santa maria on aygust 3,1492.The trip was longer than intiapated by Columbus or his crew.He had to logs one with the true distnce one with the fake.The true one was kept secret with kept the crw quiet. When he got there he was suprised by what was there.
  • Jameestown Colony created

    Jameestown Colony created
    in june of 1606king James the first granted a charter to a group of London was to make a satilite settlement in the chesapeak region.On may 14,1996 the virgina company explorers landed on the James town island to establish the Virgina English colony on the bank of the james river.
  • Plymoth Colony created

    Americas first permanent puratin settlement.By legend they landed on Plymoth Rock which wasn't mentioned in their records.
    They began to mak rough buildings and shelter for winter.By the end of winter half the colonists were dead.Thanksgiving wad made wehn the pilgram made their first harves .
  • Masachusets Bay Colony

    I was settled bt purstin,most of with were educated and wealty.
    11ships brought hundreds of setelers to salem. John Winthrop was the first govoner of that colony.The puratin beaged John winthrop to negtiate on their behalf to establish a ne settlemen in the new world.james agreed and gave them a charter to start a new colony.
  • New Amsterdm becomes New York

    In 1626 new amster came to exist.In 1664 mew amster dam became new york.It ocupies Manhatten and Staten Islands,western end of long island,several islands in new york harbor and long island sound and a porion of the mainland.Fernando Wood served as mayor from 1859 to1861.
  • William Penn creates Pennsylvaina

    William Penn creates Pennsylvaina
    Penn was gien the land by king charels th 2nd.the only way he could keep the lan was if he gave the king 2 beaver pelts a year.Penn and the quakers found refudge from religous presuction there, iTHe land was like heaven to them and others such as Mennonites and Amish.
  • George Washington assaults Fort Duquesne

    Because of its strtigic location it was a major objective at the end of the war.The frot was begun by a group of virginians in 1754 at the instance of govener Robbewrt Dinwidde.the frenc drove them away and finished the fort; they named it after Marqise de duquesne,govoner-general of New France.
  • Albany Congress meets

    In the early 1500's,rivalry between England and France over who would take over America contient led inexorbily to what is called tThe French and Indian war.the conflict lasted from 1754 to 1763,witch left england in the dominant power in the area that now compraises the Eastern United and canada.
  • End of French and Indian war

    End of French and Indian war
    During the 18th centry land in north america was controled by Spain,France,and Britain. with spain controling Florida, france exerted its power in the northern and central areas and Britain controing the east.All three continents Knew they couldnt co-exist peaceful in north america and that this situation witch could only be settled by war.