Technology of the Past

  • Typewriter

    The typewriter was invented by a man named William Austin Burt. More people are trained for the operation of the typewrite more than any other machine.
  • The 1st Telephone

    The 1st Telephone
    Alexander Graham Bell was the inventor of the first telephone. His first words said over the phone were ""Mr.Watson, come here! I want you!" Alexander said this after he spilled battery acid on his pants.
  • Gramaphone

    Thomas Edison, was the one who invented this machine. The reason he invented this was so he could record and play back sound.
  • First Television

    First Television
    The first television was invented by a man named John Logie Baird, and he invented it while he was in Soho, London.
  • Telegraph

    Samuel Morse is the man who created this, which is where we get the term "Morse Code". The word "Telegraph" is from Greek origin and means "to write far".
  • Stereo

    Alan Dower Blumlein was the inventor of the stereo. He was considered one of the most significant engineers and inventors of his time.
  • First Freely Programmable computer

    First Freely Programmable computer
    The person who invented the first freely programmable computer was Konrad Zuse, and he invented this machine in Berlin.
  • Portable Radio

    Portable Radio
    The first portable radio was called the Revival. It featured rotary tuning and volume control.
  • First Global Positioning Sytem (GPS)

    First Global Positioning Sytem (GPS)
    The First GPS was created by the US Department of Defense, and it was originally named the Navigation System with Timing and Ranging (NAVSTAR)
  • 1st Laser Printer

    1st Laser Printer
    The first laser printer was invented at Xerox. However, researcher Gary Starkweather is credited with its research and development and by the year 1971, the Xerox printer was fully functional.
  • First Cell Phone

    First Cell Phone
    The man who invented this was Martin Cooper. His first phone call was to his rival who worked at AT&T, and i think that the phone call was probably soething like "Hey, guess what i invented!"
  • The First Ipod

    The First Ipod
    The inventor of the Apple Ipod was a man named Steve Jobs. The company sold more than $17 billion worth of Ipods.